Thursday, December 30, 2010

As You Wish

The sky above explodes slowing the the world to a stand still. With hearts beating like the thunder rumbling across the sky their eyes meet. Not a word is spoken out loud yet volumes are exchanged. Her eyes, sky blue the reflection of the innocence that has been washed away. His the soft brown of the firm soil beneath them. The way she had always seen him, her safety,her protector, the ground beneath her feet to catch her if ever the wind blew her over. Now staring into those same eyes she felt the safety slipping away. The look, colder than the winter wind, froze the fire that burnt out of control consuming her soul from the inside. She felt the pain as her heart stopped beating in that moment. A single tear released from her eyes wandering down the ivory of her face carrying with it the remnants of her hope.

The necessity to heed to his internal affliction callused his heart to the pain lingering behind her soft blue eyes. He knew she understood. Relieved from having to speak the deceit coated lines he had rehearsed for her comfort he simply waited. Unsure if he was truly waiting for the vengeance he knew he deserved, the breakdown he anticipated, or simply for a consenting appeal for mercy. She would offer him none of these.

Reaching deep within her soul to pull her inner cloak over her steadily cracking heart, she smiled at him. Not a smile to comfort, or even a smile to frighten , but a smile of victory. An odd little smirk that conveyed to the world , you may break my bones, but you will never break my soul. As she turned her feet to walk away the sky let out a roar that shook the ground beneath his feet and he faltered to it. Above, clouds of blood covered the remnants of the evening sun followed by hues of gray steadily being overtaken by a black thick enough to extinguish all light. The auburn of her hair glowed with sienna of the sky as he peered up from his knees. Staring in awe as the reds followed her steady path away, he failed to notice the menacing void hovering above him.

Lifting himself from his knees feeling relief mingled confusion , he turned to retreat the opposite direction. With a single step the sky split above in an explosion of light so bright as to steal the sight from the eyes. Blinded, confused and deafened from the blast he stumbled towards what he thought was still the seaside path. Shaking his head to clear the vertigo and stepping wide to avoid falling he briefly felt the release of weightlessness. She glanced back over her shoulder just as his body plummeted over the steep cliff-side to the awaiting ocean below. Briefly she felt pity at his descent,loss at his ultimate demise. Tucking the shield tightly around her heart never again to drop for the vile likes of a man she consoled herself with the truth,he wanted his freedom.

~R.M.Brandon 12/29/10~

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