Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011

It is a new year! Like peering at a blank canvas, the year ahead is filled with infinite potential. The emptiness of the canvass reflects against the now fully developed landscape of the year past. Do I really love what 2010 became?
With the question of what was looming, my mind turns again to what is yet to come. As the momentum builds towards the release of The Green Man's Curse I begin to feel as if I am turning my child over to a stranger without properly checking their background. Will the readers love my work or will they hate it? Will they hold my brain child in the palm of their hands and see the beauty between its covers that I see? The fear of an author. Always looking to the other side of the coin, my mind wanders to the possibilities. The excitement of receiving the reviews, the debut day, and beyond.
Staring at the unwritten page of 2011 I dare not limit the possibilities. The year is new, like a babe in a hospital gown, and only time will tell what it will hold.
So as for my goals for the year to come? Simply to stand on my tip toes and reach for the stars. If I happen to fall a little short I'll still catch the moon on the way down. With that I put on my hat,lace up my boots, and begin the journey down the long dirt road without a map. Don't worry I will let you know every mile marker I wander past. To health, happiness, and the pursuit of everything Hello 2011!

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