Monday, January 10, 2011

Memory Lane

This Blog post has been inspired by the movie Easy A and fellow tweep @stupidgirl45. Spending the days in confines of home due to physical weakness (honestly almost felt like a vacation), I was able to sit still for th first time in a long time. After a stream of random movies I reached Easy A. If you haven't seen Easy A yet watch it, I highly recommend it. So this blod post I dedicate to the flood of memories that made me smile through each scene. Here's to the 80's the big hair bands, the guitarists that looked like Demi-Gods,the evolution of break dancing, and all the movies that still hold a place in my heart of hearts.

My Top Ten (if I can stop there) List Of 1980's best movies

  1.)The Breakfast Club: odd, I know, the entire movie taking place in one room, but the cast and story line were Epic. I still like the sound track even.

2.) Poltergiest: The first movie to ever keep me awake at night. I ran from the t.v for months whenever the signal would fade to that horrible static. And a clown doll forget it, still not getting anywhere near one of those things.

3.) The Princess Bride: As You Wish, one of the best movie lines ever written. Of course I happened to have a huge crush on 'Wesley' think it was something about the way he smiled in the face of danger, oh and the pants:)

4.) The Shining with Jack Nicholson , ultimate psychological thriller from the mind of the master. One of the few movie adaptations that has ever held a candle to the actual book.

5.)Driving Miss Daisy, still watch this movie. It is a timeless classic that always makes me smile far beyond the surface of the script the actors transformed this movie into an eternal favorite for me.

6.) Indiana Jones : adventure, mystery, danger ,and of course an incredibly hot lead actor. I don't think I will ever out grown Indie.Another amazing soundtrack too.

7.) Top Gun,: Well pretty much anything with Tom Cruise in it., but this one is still a favorite. Speed, hot guys, fast planes , and pushing the limits. Oh and a killer sound track ~Goose!!!~ goodness gracious great balls of fire

8.)Mask: with Cher, not one you hear about much anymore a cinematic classic to me.It was the first time I can remember learning to look past the flesh into the soul of a person. An endearing screenplay with superb acting that has always stayed with me.

9.)Big: Yeah giant keyboard enough said :)

10.) The Outsider: Pony Boy and Soda Pop, classic. Like a modern day West side story, only different. Not much for commentary I guess. This was one of the first movies I was able to see the set location of, will always be a favorite.

Go figure I did stop at ten, and they are in no specific order. This list could honestly go on and on. I mean look at what is missing, Porky's, Caddy Shack, Karate Kid, ET, Goonies, Lost Boys (favorite). Not sure if all those were in the 80's. I didn't even begin to go into the music. Well, no point in staying in the past for too long. Think I'm going to pop in another movie and put my feet back up. If you read this let me know what you think. Do you remember the 80's? What were your favorites? If you Twitter check out @stupidgirl45 's blog. She has some movie picks over that way too. As always thank you for taking the time to walk through my mind.~R.M.~

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