Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peanut Gallery

After viewing the Golden Globe awards this evening a bit of quandary is rattling in my brain. It is quite interesting that in life there always appears more questions then answers. I suppose if there were no more questions there would be no more growth. It is fascinating for me to watch people. Their mannerisms, their gestures, even the influx of their speech ,give subtle hints to the inner workings of their minds.

As with tonight’s viewing. To some extent,, I must admit I am like the majority in finding the rich and famous captivating. However, I worry that it is not for the same reasons. I do not long for fame. Honestly, the multiplicity of my persona is to keep each aspect of being separate for me, thus preventing constant questioning in overlapping areas of life. Fame would be like torture,I am camera shy and tend to blend well on most occasions. There are times when I choose to shine, but very rarely. With any regard, it seems the average person looks on the actors and actresses with envy and longing. Watching each of them as they accepted their awards and even the ones who received nothing was a bit more of a social science experiment for me. The classic, sweet , good-hearted people who looked on from their seats with honest respect for their peers. Young, unsure, highly self conscious new comers who were simply trying to dodge the spotlight. Then the socialites who felt overly entitled and apparently above the rest of the nominees who protruded their noses in the air as the stuck their arses in front of the camera. 

Entrancing is the high life of fame, all too quickly the fresh stars forget their light will most likely dwindle in the Hollywood sky. The truly grounded are the ones we fall in love with. The ones who move with both grace and humility. Who are able to make eye contact with door man instead of brushing past as if they were a sign post. Still I wonder, what is really going through their minds as they stand in the spotlight? While I do not wish to be them, I still wonder its like to be.
Hollywood the best social experiment in history, but it is so hard not to love.


  1. The first I was under the spotlight I almost wet my pants..Scary stuff,with all those people looking at you and only you.I guess Celebrities would be used to it.For them it's another performance.May be they look down upon us,finding amusement in the astonished gaze of the crowd....

  2. Thank you for reading my blog:)Maybe they really are picturing everyone naked and secretly trying not to laugh. I'm going to have to try that theory next time I'm in a crowd. On second thought, maybe not.