Sunday, January 9, 2011

To Blame or Not to Blame

The United States of America have become increasingly less united and far closer to an anarchist state as of late. The Government seems to be losing its grip on reality. The heated topic as of now is health care. To this I must ask why exactly are people who have no experience in the medical field determining exactly what treatments should be covered and what should not?

        Let us start with the basics. We have government officials making six figure salaries, being attended to by personal physicians, paid for by the people, stating the people need to pay more. Really? Did we vote for that?  Exactly what are they cutting?

                Well, if you work in the medical field the inertia has been in place and gradually snowing balling into an avalanche for quiet some time. With the Medicare and Medicaid cuts insurance companies slyly followed suit, limiting covered procedures to mirror Medicare. The first impact was noted on our elderly, and by elderly I mean our greats. The people who toiled across this land to develop the conveniences we now enjoy. As well as our veterans who fought in WW2  and beyond to defend our land , the people who paved the way for the life that we live.

             Why? Why do veterans die before the are able to receive standard treatment for curable diseases because the VA has a two month waiting list? Why do people who have worked every day of their lives until their bodies could no longer toil, have to decide between buying medicine and buying food because their medicare plan will only cover a tenth of what is needed?

                   We as Americans should be the last to have our pockets picked. The government, of course, places the blame on the medical community. If the doctors didn't order tests, if the machines didn't cost so much, if the pharmaceutical companies didn't charge so much, justifying it with people should all heal in the same amount of time. These statements are not only wrong but dangerous.
               Doctors are by far more cost concerned than the government. They take patients unsure if they will actually be reimburrsed by Medicare and Medicaid. Their practices have to eat the costs of denials by pencil pushers who only have to look at the numbers and never at the faces. They work long hours to do what they swore to do, harm none.Yet the government has taken no such vow. Instead they cut the care that is needed to save lives with rationalization that if they die they won't have to support them any more.

                To this I ask what is the cost? What if it was their hero? Not everyone is blessed with family to carry them through the golden years and illness. So as the pencil pushers survey their lists of diseases and costs  and reject as ordered anything above a set number, people die. Doctors and nurses work short staffed, horrible hours, sacrifcing their own lives while trying to carry far more wieght than humanly possible to begin with, only to have to search for alternative therapies and secondary options when superior treatment is available.

                 We are not a third world country!!!!We have toiled and sacrificed and searched to find the ability to cure the most complex of conditions, and yet our children die. Our veterans suffer, and our politicians smile. So let us all quite blaming this party or that party and look at the system. In all honesty it is broken and if it is not fixed soon we may well become a third world country. 

           If you are a servant of the country then it should be as such, you serve us! If you cannot live off minimum wage and medicaid how should we? Give up your six figures, give up your medical perks, vacation houses, and finger pointing. Spend a day with a country doctor and look in the eye each person you deny medical payments to. Live off $500 a month social security like our disabled heroes. Show us what we are doing wrong. If you can live like that then you can raise our taxes and cut our health care. Until then put your fingers down you childish buffoons, for each time you point one four point back to you. That is all I have to say about that, (for Now).

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