Saturday, January 8, 2011

State Of the World

History repeats itself, but has anyone stopped to question why? It is with heavy heart that I watch the news. From country to country around the world tales of bloodshed, pestilence, and dismay capture headline after headline. Yet there is not one peep toward resolution. There are ,of course, excuses and blame naming.

So what of current affairs in relation to history you might ask. Let us peer back broadly over time. We do not even need to hold the magnifying glass to see a pattern. It is the proverbial quest for power. The quest that has turned brother against brother, country against country, neighbor against neighbor. Today the news is of political nature, simply an outlet for the timeless struggle of greed.

With each offer of salvation, new religion, old religion, political campaign, social exploit comes the same proclamation ,"Our way is best!". The sheep meekly follow. Never do the drones of people stop to question has this path been walked before. Where will it possibly lead? So history repeats itself.The salvations offered simply do what each before have done, proclaim only one right.
How then does a world filled with diversity learn to coexist without feelings of superiority and the dominant need for power and greed? We must educate the sheep;the drones of society who dare not question why, either because of time or status, or simply lack of thought. It is possible that there exists more than one right in this world. If one persons belief does not halt  another's why should there be war?
Why must humans fight over land that will remain long after their passing?
Why must power, be it land, monetary,or social, mitigate the way in which we walk upon this planet?
As for now, other than the age old give peace a chance, which is far too lacking for solution. I offer no answer to the questions of old. Of one thing I am sure, there is no one right. As there are no two people truly the same, if one must choose to dominate another, there will be no peace in this world. History will repeat itself as long as we are willing to let the quest for power rule this world.

In closing one question for your pondering, would there be power if there were no weak to be lead?
~R.M.Brandon 2011~

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