Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New pages

Hello again all! How has life been since my last rambling to you? Inside the Green Man, we are working on polishing and producing what we hope will be a book that will live forever through you. As the imminent release date approaches my insides have begun to turn with worry. To keep my every racing mind at bay, I have decided to create. As I unveil this creature that will crawl amongst the web and captivate the minds of the innocent lost, keep in mind the disclaimer, you never know what you will find on this blog. Without further a due I give you: ASK A CELEBRITY, and TWISTED SHORTS. Please feel free to ramble back at me.

Ask A Celebrity, just that what ever you have had on your mind for whoever. Ask Abe Lincoln why he couldn't tell a lie.Ask James Dean what his favorite movie roll was. Feel free to answer someone's question, be creative and have fun.

Twisted Shorts- A page dedicated to my poetic side.

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