Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pages to Pictures

Today's blog was going to be a rather touching piece about two football rivals turned friends via twitter. After watching the game I don't feel up to talking about football anymore. My team lost, if you want to see it you can check it out  at AOL news . Carrying on, we are going to discuss instead, what is on you lap, or your screen. It has always been rather fascinating for me to read an amazing book, then watch the movie and be utterly disappointed. Screen writing is definitely an art in itself.

In my humble opinion, with the advancement of special effects directors have turned away fro the dialect towards the visual. Don't get me wrong the movies are breathtaking, but they seem to lack the lasting emotional effects of the books. For example, (cringe), how many of you actually read the Twilight series before you saw the movies? The books are bestsellers, and of course the movies box office hits, but honestly do you feel the movies impacted you in the same way the books did?

Reading the series for me was a three day event, I had to see what happened next. Page after page, captivating. Yet in the theatre, staring at the screen, while the soundtrack was mesmerizing, the actors had chemistry, and the effects well planned, it felt dry. As if the book had been gutted of the magic that had been its binding.

So what movies got it right? A few that held paper for me are:

Gone With The Wind 1936 Novel 1939 Film no effects, few locale changes, classic acting with a timeless dialect.

The Shinning 1977 novel 1980 movie staring Nicolson-the novel was completely terrifying ,actually slept with a flashlight, the movie nightmares for a week: definitely held up.

The Godfather : enough said on this one. Classic definitely in either form.

Black Beauty: One of the first books I ever read it was the first movie I can remember going to the theatre to see. When the beautiful horse stepped across the screen all the magic of the book played in my mind.

What about you? Do you agree with my reviews or do you have better ones? Come on talk back....
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