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Friday, January 7, 2011

Patiently Progressing

While I would love to open this post by screaming, run to my publisher's site and buy the book, it is not yet time. The Green Man waits patiently while the the progress of editorial magic cleans the ink of his composition. As we await his debut I will offer to you a bit a of quandary.

Have you ever noticed the way the simple thought of someone's name can result in an unexpected phone call from them?

Have you ever walked through the woods and felt as if the trees moved along side of you?

Have you ever caressed the velvet frailness of a rose petal and felt it shudder beneath your touch?

What if the reality of our existence was simply a thought in the mind of something else?

Are you curious? Visit the website at 

R.M.Brandon ~2011~

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