Monday, March 12, 2012

Twisted Metal

~Lyrics in Progress~

Twisted metal
meets hillbilly king
through the front door
exploding fire on gasoline

 I'll be your crazy bitch
You fiddle playing fool,
They way you fuck with my heart
leaves my without a clue.

Rosin those lips
before you spit another lie
Then stand back,laugh
while razored tears I cry.

I can be your crazy bitch
 until sanity walks away
Beg for your salvation
make my feet do the same.

Crazy inside
Crazy with your lies
Crazy bitch  while she's laughing
under the bed she hides.

So many thoughts of crazy everyday
revenge would be so much sweeter
feel the blood drip off cold fingers
play that fiddle sweetie

Ill sharpen up my claws
Bitches like pain
Trust me
I can make you scream my name.

Crazy inside
from your web of lies
when crazy is gone
this bitch walks away

Cry on your fiddle
as I step on your heart
I'll be your crazy bitch
You fiddle playing fool
Are you ready
Let's make a fresh new start

~Lyrics~ (c) R.M. Brandon 2012

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