Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Witan vid Update

Ahhh. The ides of March have passed and the end is drawing near. To my regret and yet revelry I must announce a slight delay in the debut. We anticipated a March release of The Green Man's Curse.
Yet, with wisdom of an amazing editor/writer it has returned to me again. If it is in my hands why the delay? Because I am growing as writer. I could easily give it to you as written, but you wouldn't see the story. You might miss the beauty of a love scene, or the tragedy of a death simply because I didn't show you everything there was to see. Or help you feel what these characters feel.
If I fail in that as a writer, I do not only myself, but my readers a great disservice. So I dive back into the script. In Lost Lambs I have given you a glimpse of the dark side of my writing. In The Green Man's Curse I will show you everything else.
You will love, laugh, cry, agonize, fail, and succeed. At thed end of that journey we will stand together, reader, writer, in a place far beyond your imagination at the begining.
Please be patient. I am working not to give you a book, but a story that will captivate your mind, imagination, and maybe even your life. Until then keep walking with me here. And Thank you for following.

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