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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stop Hate Crimes

In a chaotic world that is filled with hate, random acts of senseless violence, and constant struggles to survive why do we limit the meaning or orientation of love? It is rare I project my beliefs onto others. Believing simply that we are each walking a different path to a similar destination, it is not my place to tell anyone which turns to make. Yet, in this world, the world in which my children grow, and my parents leave behind, there is far too much intolerance. So here I will lay it on the line. Feel free to agree, even more so to disagree, I don't ask you to accept my view point only to consider it.

Relationships are a lot like walking through a mine field with someone else holding your survival pack. If they blow up you are not only walking alone, but without the things you need to survive. The daily news is filled with child abuse, spousal abuse, rape, murder, and even suicide, because hetero sexual couples have a melt down. Does this mean homosexual couples don't have problems? No. It just means they are better equiped and more likely to take the time and energy to fix their problems or walk away. Why? Why in a world were they are ostracized, beaten, belittled, and banned are they able to shine in relationships?

Love is a rare and precious gift. It is the melting of two souls into a phenom that can rise above and dredge through anything. A love that lasts is even more the rare. How many children in this world are being raised by single parents? How many are being raised in homes filled with violence and discord? So why as a society do we choose to limit where that love can be found? Simply because I love pasta, I don't expect you to like it. If you don't, fine, don't eat it. That simple. Why create hate towards a thing of beauty?

Agree. Disagree. I honestly don't care! Walk your path in life. That does not give you the right to throw stones at others while they walk theirs. Stop the hate. Learn, if nothing else in life, learn empathy. Learn to see every person, regardless of social status, sexual orientation, or financial wealth, as just that, a person. If you disagree with the way they live, live your own life. Stop breeding hate.Start building a world without pain. Below is the link that ignited this article. Help a victim, spread awareness, or simply change the way you think. Please. ~R.M. Brandon 2012

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