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Monday, August 13, 2012


The silence
The shadow of a memory

Watching as the wheels turn
My heart
Drives away from me

What is loss
But the ending of a time
The parting of a smile
Even  if but for a small while

Silence consumes
Where laughter once rang
The skies once blue
Now darkened grey

Like the bitterness of winter
Cold, stagnant times
Awaiting spring’s sweet revival
Flowers and sunshine

My heart drives away
Tears stream  down my face
Yet it is only for a moment

Sacrifice one
That many more may come
Even after winter
The sun warms the earth again

The shadow of their memory
Clings tightly to my mind
Like the ringing  of their laughter
Promises for better times.

R.M.Brandon 8/13/12

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