Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Corporate America the New Nazi Regime

America the land of the free and the home of the brave, unless you are employed for Corporate America. In a country where we have fought to free ourselves from
Discrimination based on color, gender, or race, our liberties are still being violated.
Why? How?
We have allowed corporations to dictate what we as individuals can do in our own lives in the name of "health promotion". And big buisness is using our fear of unemployment in a shaky economy as their right to violate our civil liberties.
Because we have not made it illegal.
In promotion of a "healthy environment" a person who chooses to utilize tobacco is ostricized, fined, and persecuted openly.
This is a legal substance! As legal as the can of coke you drink at lunch. But because of the well known associated health risks corporate America raises the cost of health insurance coverage for smokers, adds additional "employee use fees" and then places policies which make it "a violation of employment" to use tobacco products during hours of employment including breaks and lunches.
How is this legal? Because it is not "illegal" it is still however discrimination over a "lifestyle choice".
Is your cholesterol bad? They will raise your insurance rates, fine you, and force you to participate in "wellness programs" to keep your employment.
Again discrimination, yet not "illegal".
Vaccinations are a choice. Not if you wish to remain employed without being ostricized. You must allow them to inject you with whatever they see "necessary" or be forced to wear cumbersome "protective gear" that make the work environment stressful and isolating.
Discrimination to yet another lifestyle choice.
What has become of our civil liberties? Where is the freedom of personal choice?
Corporate America has a stereotype they wish everyone conform to without regard to personal values.
It's ok. When your emploer forces you to pay extra, do nothing. When you are required to eat only tofu and water at lunch during a 13 hour shift in which you are not allowed to so much as exit the building, do nothing.
When you are forced to take questionable vaccines that pose potential risk, do nothing.
If everyone keeps doing nothing about this legal discrimination we will soon become free from all rights to choose.
What makes America beautiful has always been its diversity. The ability for the melting pot of society to come together to achieve brilliance. It's ok. Let's keep saying nothing as that diversity is slowly stripped from us to create a stereotype, an elite workforce filled with one BMI, one lifestyle, one belief system.
Or make your voice be heard!
Let your legislators know we've had enough!
Make discrimination in ANY form ILLEGAL!
If you continue to do nothing, say nothing, don't be suprised when the Nazi patrol confiscates your cheeseburger and coke because it's not a "healthy choice".
Health promotion, the devlopment of safety policy, and the promotion of a positive, productive work environment have been mutilated by forced policy and open public discrimination. It is time for a change.
After all a lifestyle choice is supposed to be chosen.
(C) R.M.Brandon 2012

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