Monday, September 10, 2012


Today there was no war. Pain, pestilence, misery no longer existed. Hate was a distant remnant of a past long discarded. Children knew no tears. 

Imagine a world in which such a thing was possible. A world where hate had no home. Lies were impossible and war non existent.  Imagine a world in peace. 

Why are such things common place in this world in which we live? Why do our children fall by their own hands? Why do they fall by each others? Would we honestly choose a cookie cutter society? One way of thought, one appearance, one belief? Given the choice' as a whole world society' would we eliminate all that is different? How bland would that be?

If we as a collective would not choose such a path why the do we ostracize that which does not conform? 
Self doubt, solitude, hate. These are the things those who claim to matter endorse. Why? Why do we give these people the power of a voice? What of the innocents that have fallen victim to their propaganda? Whose hands are their blood truly on?

It is by far more difficult to stand out than it is to fit in. It is even more difficult to rise above hate and lies with silence. This world needs more. Beauty is not a body type, intelligence is not a GPA, wealth is not in the material, and strength is not in a medal. How do we teach our children to excel in their own life path in a society that pushes them to conform like cattle? 

For me, it is and always will be, Do No Harm. I am a misfit, an outcast, a vagabond. But i do what I can to bring hope, light, and happiness to this world. What would the world be if we all did the same?

(c) R.M. Brandon 2012

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