Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mirrored Lives

If the window to the soul was as clear as it could be
Would you bother to look inside
What would you see

Your eyes and words
Offer that window to me
I peer deeply
Pondering the vastness of all I see

Your beauty,power,love, and empathy,the depth of your heart
Contains love beyond belief
You give so much more
Than you ever dare to take

My soul honors your soul
All the beauty held deep within
Ponder now I must
Why can't you see it
When you look deep within

So turn I must the mirror
Peering at myself through your eyes
The vision becomes distorted
The me you see
I don't recognize

Where is that laughter
The smile, the heart
When I look deep within
They play no part

Failures,short comings
Unexpected lives
No beauty do I see
When I peer beneath my own skin

Maybe I just need to keep looking
Through the mirror
You hold within

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