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Friday, April 4, 2014

Say something

What do you expect
What do you want me to say
There is no telling you what's wrong
You don't deserve the satisfaction
Of hearing be say
I lost my best friend
My world felt like it came to an end
Of course you expect me to try it again
The day we took our wedding vows your mistress was still in grade school
The hundreds of dollars spent pampering her don't hurt that bad
Mind you the kids and I struggled alone but we valued everything we had
The endless lies stung a bit
But those are to be expected when a man tries to cover his own shit
It's the stolen moments
The look in your eyes
The taking her out just to leave me behind
Still today it's the exact same
No dinner dates
No roses
No nights at the club
No steamy hotels
Just the emptiness of all the promises broken
Not a lover or a friend just a person with a ring as a token
I didn't win the superbowl 
Unless it was the champion of the fools
She'll always be your heart your precious jewel
Why won't you leave me alone
I don't need company
I am perfectly happy just being me
I can see that your trying
The motions are true but they are not out of passionate love
That's something you can't undo
Go back to your child
The little kid you wanted so badly
I am a woman
I don't need a man
Unless he can give me the one thing I crave
A love that never fades

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