Thursday, June 23, 2016


There is a shadow following me 
One I cannot escape
Through twist and turn, rain and shine
The shadow remains

Fire did not cleanse it 
The sun will not wear it away
There is a shadow haunting me 
Shadow of pain remains

Back turned I feel it's stare
Burning into my soul
Forever there
There is a shadow haunting me
The shadow is her memory

No pain is great enough
No distance far enough away
The presence of the shadow always remains

Laughter it echoes in return 
Making bitter even the sweetest of moments
Kindness falls mute by its simple existence

The shadow I fear will soon win
As my will is coming to an end
Hallow it shapes the life I once loved
Replacing my heart with its darkening void

The shadow will win
I fear in the end
As I cast aside this old skin
To find my self once again

Finding myself the shadow will fade
Her memory will finally relinquish to grave
Her darkness must fall from my life's sky
Laughing at Rain 
I forget her to find myself once again

There once was a shadow that haunted me
I left her with the man who cast her into my life
Far away I hear echoes 
There is a shadow haunting his life.
(C) R.M Brandon 6/2016

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