Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ode to Annabel Lee

I will never be your Annabel lee
Love, true love was never meant for you and me
Accepting this truth 
Is a knife to my soul
Seething, burning accepting to let go

We loved with a love
That was never truly love
You and me
Two hearts oceans apart never meant to be

It's time to cut the tie that binds
Bid farewell to old times
Drift apart on this sea of life we may
Maybe meet again some sunny day

Saving you is drowning me
I must let go and learn to float free
For now my boat is filled with pain
Fighting to make sunshine out of rain
For our love was never love
Never meant to be 

Let's cut the ties that bind you to me
I wish you safe travels
Sunshine and better days
I wish you enough wind to carry you away

May the rain cleanse the memories away
I will fly to the sun
Just close enough to burn 
Close enough to embalm all I have learned 
Maybe one day day our paths will cross again
When love has found each of us again 

The memory won't haunt me then 
Of our love that wasn't love 
In the end

2016 r.m. Brandon

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