Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Ogre

The house was always clean and shiny. It sparkled through and through.
I'd leave my clothes upon the floor. Who picked them up I never knew.
Then one day the ambulance took momma away.
That was when the Ogre took over our place.

I'd laid my clothes upon the floor and that was where they stayed. Soon a huge mountain took over my space.
The dishes filled the sink. In a short time the house began to stink.
In the dark I lay one night when a rumble echoed in the shadows.
My clothes began to move. The thunderous beat of my heart in my chest muted beneath his growl. 

Beneath covers I hid my head , silently I cowerd. A rumble from his throat the words split the air ," who built this beautiful smelly lair? Speak child I smell your fear!"

My eyes peered wide at the mountain of my clothes . Silently I prayed my voice still froze.
" well " said the ogre " it's my place now. "

He turned his attention away from my room and walked to the kitchen with a thunderous boom.
"Agh huh behold the sweet smell of rot! "

With a crash and a bang he gulped down all of the food we had forgot. The dishes rattled, fine china smashed. The garbage cans turned over with a boom and a crash.
I sunk from my bed and watched through the night as the ogre pillaged everything in sight.

Soon the sun peeked through the window sills. The ogre returned to the mountain and fell. Before he closed his eyes to sleep he spoke to my frightened silhouette ," remember child this is my castle now. Don't you dare clean up a thing. I love the way it perfectly stinks."

When I was sure the mountain of clothes would no longer move, the sun full in its morning glory filled my room. I sprung from my bed and gathered the clothes. Holding my breathe and my nose , I rushed to the washer and scrubbed them straight away. Then I folded them and put them properly in there place. 

Upon passing through the kitchen I remembered his delight and quickly, quite thoroughly washed everything in sight. Daddy returned with momma that day. She beamed with delight as they escorted her to her bed. I dare not speak a word of the ogre since then .although, I will never forget the frightening things he said. 

Know I know where my soiled clothes go. I hope momma never leaves or the ogre returns again.
(C) R.M. Brandon 2016

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