Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drink to the Light of Day

Running wild in a tiny head,thousand voices screaming
Moving pictures locked inside of death, blood,dying
Ambers, reds,crimson tinged with hate and hurt holding them in
The fear runs deep when eyes close to sleep
Will the demons come out to play?

Psychotic break, a life will take
The pain and voices away
Yet locked inside the slide show plays

Until the dawn breaks light of day
Soft pink clouds are shown when out
Well hidden from the eyes that judge
Yet when the lights grow dim it’s time again
For visions to carry away

To the doctor confine the voices inside
Don’t break when the laughter begins
Take two of these and come back again
In the bright light of day

Night falls the angels mercy call
With sheets stained crimson red
Into the night our worlds collide inside this tiny head

His atrocities rampant the demons scream
His air is the breath she breathes
Yet morning dawns the cold light of day
And warm bloody comfort is washed away

Drink the blood, the wine, the blood
Fill your cup with the insanity of twisted love
Burn, bleed, burn let the fire wash the pain away
Drink to the light of day


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