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What are you reading? One of the first questions I can remember both asking and being asked. Oddly enough, I have discovered when you ask a writer what they are reading the answer can be far from expected. To welcome you, my future book readers, into my mind and free time I will share with you my reads, my favorites and reviews as they fall. Without further delay, here is your fist sneak peak into my reading life.

Little bit of history, before choosing a publisher to nurture my book, I reasearched the possibilities endlessly. Gypsy Shadow (my current publisher) felt like the right fit for my story,but what of the other authors. I view a publishing house as a bit of a family, in as much, I wanted to place my book among caring siblings. That is when I stumbled across Garett CalCattera. The title of his book caught my eye the most, Umbral Vision. Here is my take on the first of his brain children I have been privy to.

A book with two novellas, Calcaterra draws the reader into the mystery with vivid imagery in book two The Shadow  after wetting the readers lips in book one The Key Ring.
Delving into the realm of the power of the subconscious mind, The Key Ring unravels the unspoken anguish of a family mystery. Begging the reader to ponder do ghosts live on through memories? Can wrongs be righted even after death? What price is worth paying? Told in the first person point of view by a man who finds himself in a waking nightmare after the death of his uncle, Calcatera pulls no punches when describing the vile essence of dysfunctional existence. Not for the sensitive reader due to strong mental images of gore.
The Shadow is told in the narrative third person point of view. What begins as a story of coping with a tragic disability turns into a sinister character. Calcaterra broaches the division of the dark self vs. the conscious self. A gripping tale of the shadow that lingers inside waiting to do that which we fear in the light of day, the inner conflict of man to act, suppress, or overcome. By the end, the obvious was no longer and I was guessing to the final scene.  
Umbral Visions is the first of Garret Calcaterra’s work I have experienced, I’m pleased to say I look forward to reading more from him. Buy it online though or
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