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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fairytales and Hand grenades

Fairytales and hand grenades the world burns down
Sheltered beneath the turmoil the chosen lay
Clutching their beads as they moan and pray
Above the screams drift to deaf ears
As they huddle in sanctity
Soon the end will draw near
 The flesh of their friends burns to the ash of the sky they quietly sigh
The promised has come from a high
Yet what of the cowardice of man to linger far below the judgment hand
When into the murky light they step
A greeting they would not forget
Blood in veins boils from inside cooking their hearts with the cowardice of liars
As the flesh melts away the bones then stay lingering briefly to salute the sky
In the end everything will die

Lost and cold in this world alone
 An angel without wings cries
A heart torn apart as a martyr of man
The newborn baby dies
The world is dark when the ground is your home
Midnights bed the frozen soil; yet hope drives on
To a land unknown
Praying the fight is worthwhile
Is there life after death
 A shadow upon the sand
Or will life alas bring the pain of no man’s land
 ~R.M.Brandon 2011~

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