Sunday, May 20, 2012

House of Broken Dreams (Lyrics)

Welcome to the house of broken dreams. They should hang a plaque at the door "We treat people like things". Take a look at all the things, broken, scattered memories. Yeah we treat people just like our things.
Open up the door. Take off your coat. Once you enter, you're here no more need for that.
Welcome to the House. Hang your hope with your coat. Turn your back or you'll find yourself longing for that.
Keep your eyes turned away. Peer into the holes. The darkness will fill you. Deep down in your soul.
Any empty plague where happiness fades. Bullets and blood remain.
Stay on top of the darkness. Don't let it pull you down. You're mind can get lost. Once it's gone you'll never be found.
You knocked on the wrong door. Maybe not after all you're a whore. You suck, like the holes, happiness out of life. So welcome little trick to the House of Broken Dreams. Pardon as I leave, you come right on in.
I'm just stepping out.
No one will see either of us again.
You take the house.
I'll take your coat of dreams.
We fucked eachother in the end it seems.
Welcome to the house.
Your new home.
Home of shattered dreams.
Enter as I leave.
(C) RM Brandon 2012

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