Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Journey

(One of my Awesome Shorties)
Life is an amazing journey filled with falls, flights, ebbs, flows, failures, success. It is captivating to watch the world spin past. The movie theater, with its many varied players, passing through the scenes unaware they are being watched.  But life is not just to be watched it is to be lived. Contention. Contention that rises when two players coexist independently. Neither is right. Neither is wrong. Simply different. A watcher. A doer. A dreamer. A believer. The doer can exist without the watcher yet the watcher has nothing without the doer. The dreamer will dream without belief yet belief can not exist without thought. Hence they become independently codependent. The misery of bring forced to action vs the stagnation of inaction. Beautiful compliment, or torturous imbalance? They exist dancing in the shadows. Believing in each other while doubting themselves. Change like a tiny stream eroding a great mountain side, they whither away at each others resolve by traveling together. The watcher unknowingly begins to do, the doer takes time to watch. They waltz. Contention becomes peace. Tranquility. Hand in hand in they move. Never do they lose themselves ,water cannot become stone nor can stone become water. They dance, conform, side by side. The beauty of one compounding the tranquility of its partner.
Life is a beautiful journey.
~(c) RM Brandon 2012

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