Friday, February 18, 2011


If it can be dreamt it can be achieved.
Cole black wings, dull molting
as behind the bars he hides watching the dancers of life pass by

grace of movements
lightness of heart
yearning builds deep inside
the call of the wild to fly

Yet the bars grow cold as the bird grows old
with a dying inside he prays, please take the pain away
freedom awaits right on the otherside
yet a promise keeps him tied

Voice becomes dull
as hope fades away

a glimmer of light breaks his dying hour
a crack beneath the glass
the wind caresses his feathers like a long lost lover
life is anything but over

as the promise fades amongst memories of grey
the wind lifts him away
the ecstasy of flight, the world grows distant, as vision fades away
blue skies as he becomes the sunrise

2/18/11~R.M.~ back on the horse

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