Sunday, March 30, 2014


The endless echo of this existence
Caught amidst the wave of life
Thought creates action
Action creates reality
Yet we are all adrift on this same
Endless sea

Are we connected by the thoughts
Which shape our reality
Are you a life boat
Sent to rescue me

I do not need saving
If I can not swim alone
I would rather drown

But what if we could drift awhile together
Two lone vessels joined by an invisible tether
What then are we but two lost souls
Adrift on the same sea

I will think into reality
I will cast away doubt,shame,pain and leave them in this sea
As the salt and the water
Cleanse this soul to purity

When I reach shore
Then I will know who really was swimming with me
If our life is a product of all we think and see
Let's create a better reality

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