Friday, March 14, 2014

Goodnight Bloodbath

I miss my team. I miss my sport. There are so many deep,fun,amazing people that have graced my life because of Roller Derby. Life has a way of giving us seasons,showing us something greater,and then moving us on.
I don't regret the decision to put my meager finances into my kids future I just wish I could do it all.
We give what we can to those we love.  I am lucky to have had the season while it lasted. The people and sport will always be part of me. For now, I must move on.Here's to memories and hope for better days to come.
Inside of me,my alter ego that is an 8 wheel wearing badass who adores her little fans will always be alive.
I feel like Superman without a cape.
A piece of me is missing I hope one day it comes back.

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