Thursday, March 13, 2014

My daughters eyes

When pappa leaves and momma cries
I don't know what to do
Of course I've been through this before
More than a time or two
But Pappa doesn't understand
What it takes
To love a woman
So mommas crying again.
I try to laugh
Try to smile
It always makes momma better for a little while
I try to be strong
But it's really just pretend
I'm hurt and lonely wishing it would end
I can hear momma crying
On the other side of the door
Hear her heart breaking
There cant be too many pieces left anymore
I tell her to move on but not with another man
I can't bear the thought of being here again
Pappa doesn't understand
When he walks out the door he's not really just a man
He's still my pappa but I sit and pretend
It doesn't matter if he never wants to see me again
He's my Daddy
What I'll someday look for in a man
Now I wonder
Would he let a man like him take my hand
I can't beat the thought of being her someday
Daddy when you came back why didn't you stay
Why do you leave me alone and feeling blue
Daddy don't you know I need and love you too

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