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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Timeless Soul

If a soul is infinite
Time is just a landscape
What does the soul find
When it leaves this place
If thought creates reality
Is it belief that dictates

Heaven for a saint,hell for the sinner
A vast nothing
Something bigger

What if thought is all we are
Frozen briefly in a deteriorating form
Once free what we dream
Is all we are

Dream then of grandeur
Oceans vast and deep
Fuzzy kittens and butterfly wings
Dream of love that endures all time
Smiles that hold the magic of sunrise
Dream of passion
pulsating and wild
Create a world without war

If all our current
raw and unstored
Creates the pulse of eternity
Dive deep into the furthest recess of imagination
Pull from the very soul
Create a now that you would
Dream to live
wild, carefree
Forever more

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