Sunday, March 2, 2014

The art of seduction

Words. They seduce,inspire,captivate,wound.
To have a love affair with mind.
Capture in a sentence the essence of a beauty, a feeling,a moment in time.
Framing the sunrise its myriad of technicolors awakening like a sleepy child,first peeking from beneath its cool blue safety only to explode across it with such vibrance it illuminates the world.
The sensual command of language. Exploring,imploring,evoking emotions hidden from consciousness.
Oh the sweet ecstasy of intellectual stimulation.
The capture of the heart through the mind.
Opening of two souls by mere conversation.
True power is not in pain.
It does not dwell within a coin or a trinket.
True power is in mastery.
Commanding with such force, such sweet eloquent skill, the use of language as to capture a soul for a moment or a lifetime.
The ability to move another so deeply to the very core of thier existence they feel what you feel,see through your eyes, hear the thoughts that rumble inside your mind.
If once ,however briefly , one becomes snared in the net of your words revel in the knowledge for a brief moment in time you mastered the art.
If even just one can feel, there is hope for immortality.
If there is hope for immortality then there too is hope for love.
If only a love affair with words.

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