Sunday, March 23, 2014

Turn Table

There was a time I thought I knew you but that was just a dream
A man beneath a mask
Once you removed it
My heart began to scream

The little voice has told me
Warned me all along
You couldn't be trusted
Your love was all wrong

Silenced beneath blind faith
Praying it wasn't too late
All your pretty words
Sealed my hearts fate

Now the voice shakes its head
My once red heart cold and dead
Mask down once more
You want it to be as before

Pitty the fool too blind to see
Reality evades the space between
Your pretty words no longer hypnotize flat are your wasted
Silly little lies

My heart has gone away
There it will safely stay
No more to be excised with the pain of your loves empty lies

Wear your mask
Laugh behind those eyes
Keep on believing
True love never dies
But your heart wasnt true
My eyes once again burn blue
Behind the mask I wear
Making you believe I really care

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