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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Poison oozes from the fang he calls a tongue
Each word dripped
Arsenic coated lies
He bites at her heart
Time after time
the crazy thing about venom
In high doses it's lethal
But not small doses over time

She wonders if he believes them
The poison coated lies
Or if it's all he knows
Truth escapes his reply

She drinks his doses daily
Quietly at first she cried
One cold black morning
She discovered her heart had died

Now the venom stirs in her blood
Begging release
She thinks she can control it
This poison consuming her veins
Blackened is her heart
Only the light of her soul remains
Sadly it grows dimmer with each passing day

She knows she is welting
But a change is coming too
So many open roads
unsure if which to choose
Afraid the poison has affected her mind
Trying to plan for a better place and time

He nods silently
The passing of each lie coated goodbye
Believing she still loves him
Not knowing that girl died

Becareful of the poison
Keep it out if your blood
Or pay the highest price
The loss of true love

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