Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Woman Is

Passion lingers beneath the facade of trust.
Like a flower if unnurtured it will die.
Poison the soil in which it grows and it will wither away.
A womans heart holds the keys to the world.
Unlock her passion and your life will flourish with a wealth that can be neither bought nor sold.
Let her unfurl before you.
But be cautious.
Woman is both fragile and fierce.
It is within her to guide, support, and nurture all around her.
But her soul craves nurture as well.
It is through the love she recieves she is able to give.
Hold her in awe as the sunrise.
Show her the beauty she holds within your eyes.
Be true, be kind, be strong yet weak enough to show her your greatest strength is her.
Wisdom is knowing what you have when you hold it.
Once you let it go let it move on.
The woman you failed to cherish deserves a man who never lets go.

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